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Trane Endurance Engineers know exactly how hard it is to stop a Trane. They make them that way. And while they've put our products up against the most extreme conditions in our Systems Extreme Environmental Test lab, they always want to see how far they can take it. Trane products are put through 5 years of wear and tear in the matter of a few months, including blistering 120-degree heat and bone-chilling 20-below temperatures. It takes this kind extreme testing to ensure you have products you can rely on for years and years. It's hard to stop a Trane isn't just a tagline. It's been proven. Some units endure over 2,600 hours of continuous testing, including a full week of salt spray to monitor corrosion resistance. Our technicians have tried to break our Climatuff® compressor over 900 ways, which has produced a saying at Trane, if a product doesn't make it through our test lab it doesn't get made. At Trane, we don't just build our products. We own patents on them. And we don't just test our products. We put them to the extreme, because if it can't make it through our torturous testing, you'll never see it in your home.


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